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"‘Police work wouldn’t be possible without coffee,’ Wallander said.
‘No work would be possible without coffee.’
They pondered the importance of coffee in silence."

— Henning Mankell (via amandaonwriting)

one whole week of not drawing any CHAOS or personal doodly stuff, the intern messed up 5 storyboards in 2 days and i have pick up his slack because i draw fast. i also have my own work to do along with the assignments after work hours. my eyes have been really strained lately and my arms hurt. when i’m home i just go for walks and hang around outside.

the intern also tags along with us when we smoke so basically i’ve become a classic 1970s chinese protagonist, squinting into the distance and never speaking unless there’s something important to talk about but in reality the pregnant silence is killing my friendly hobo soul. 


thewarsmithsforge said: Not to beat my own drum but Vaterland and Germania by Night are fantasy in modern setting. Magic is the key component in it as is supernatural. 40k is a far future setting rife with fantastical elements. And horror. Medieval fantasy is dull tbh.

haha, i know. the thing is.. after approving all my character designs. the senior artists said i should draw more fantasy elements for this project and avoid modern settings if possible. due to hella lack of time, my refs were Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and Alan Wake (for the clothes and environments), i’m basically just looking around mixing and matching stuff for weapons and clothes now. CHAOS itself is like your story, but with minimum supernatural elements classified as paranormal. 40k is a great ref for me though. 

schemilix said: What I find baffling is WHY all fantasy is like that. The fantasy i write is at LEAST neo-victorian, often cyber-level.

fantasy can be anything, but anguiculus brought up a good point about the level of magic in it. i know there are other types of fantasy but i was tasked to take the medieval route because i draw too many machines in my spare time. my own story is a mix of both, just like yours but set in 2030 with our world cultures. if i struggle with it, it just means i have lots more to learn about, drawing battles is kinda fun actually. it shows me how much i suck at creating fluid poses.


modular synth from 1977 from czechoslovakia named Číslizvuk


"Local Demon King helps children cross the street" more at 11


Life is too short to be holding on to old grudges

gup-personal said: problem with fantasy settings: for some fucking reason everything has to be archaic to be believable. that’s why i’m so bored with it. like it has to be old europe always or some shit haha.

THIS. seriously. olden Chinese and modern Chinese (along with Bahasa Malaysia) have very distinct differences and English confuses me because it’s not even my first language and my grammar is already problematic enough. i guess the lack of modern weapons like guns would make people think they’re in a non-modern era so the dialogue has to be adjusted to the time or it’ll just look weird if my protagonist says “ur gonna get fucked, bro”. i’m not good at writing fantasy dialogue because i like sci-fi too much. it’s not boring though, i’m just not familiar with it because i dislike it.. i guess i have to do more research and look up some game videos. 

anguiculus said: Isn’t fantasy more about “magic” and less about “time period” though? So if your fantasy story has a more modern setting, you could totally use that as an insult.

in most games or stories, when magic is present, people associate it with a non-modern setting and that’s the same for me as well (the most modern item being guns). i’m just not familiar with it because i’m a sci-fi nut and i don’t immerse myself in fantasy genres. it’s just more research on my part, but that’s the fun of the process. i’m sure i’ll learn something new. 

dyp100 said: I’m pretty sure “go fist yourself” was probably actually used in the medieval age…Now I wanna go look this up. I’m sure us Brits have many insults from back yonder. (Especially concerning the French.)

lmfaooo bless the medieval times for our modern insults. i’m gonna do some googling in search of knowledge. thx cabana boy.

umnachtung said: who says you cant..?

*sobs* the senior writers… also my own uneducated mind, bro.

haveyouseenmydearbrothersaid: fantasy dialogue can be annoying but the good thing is that you don’t really need to get all Shakespearean! Even the dialogue in some of his plays used archaic words for ‘authenticity’.

woah, that’s interesting.. i didn’t know that about his plays. i guess it’s just me not being experienced enough to write. words aren’t my forte like u pro writers, haha. i trip over english grammar most of the time so i guess more research and a bit of reading will help me to familiarize a little.  

schemilix said: Why not though. Why not?

the ultimate question… it’s a dangerous game here.

cataradical said: "put thine own fist upeth thy rear bottom"


manwhoreofdunwall said:FORNICATE A HOT IRON SPIKE maybe


teripops said: In a fantasy, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Just make it GO FIST THYSELF, KNAVE!

i’m crylaughing my ass off here because i can always count on pro writers to point me in the right direction. look at these beautiful insults mog *sheds a manly tear*

the only issue i have with writing dialogue for fantasy settings: being only able to use archaic sounding words which means i can’t use “go fist yourself” as an insult or battle cry.


macklemortal kombat

when a blood-moon appears, it signifies the rare semester break for medical students so i finally get to hang out with Kenneth. we planned a 10km run in Taman Tun. we always laugh at this idea, if you see how i live my life, you’d laugh too.

20 minutes in, and Kenneth said “abort mission, my heart is failing” and i said valiantly, “u can use my inhaler” only to be replied with “this is /clearly/ why you’re not a med student dUMBASS”. we went to Starbucks. i feel like human trash running with a cigarette and iced Americano, Kenneth was running with not one, but TWO iced lattes. he also had a cig in his mouth. pro athletes coming through.

my friend majors in Cardiology so he clearly knows what he’s doing.

despite Inktober, commissions, the insane workload this week, and spanish essays… i did my best to work on the character design project. i made the tundra butchers as villains, the next task is to create a protagonist and develop the world.

i didn’t create a protagonist, i created a BROTAGONIST because he will do anything to protect his fellow merchants (except when selling in villages, everything’s fair game) and help in assisting shipments. the merchant’s faction has awarded him a silver armlet for his protection efforts. he traded the flesh on his arm to a starving witchling and got a great bargain for fire in return. since the witch was a noob, she didn’t know how to teach him to manipulate it, so he pretty much uses his elemental power for day to day stuff.. more of a convenience than anything. fire is valued in the tundra.

the merchant is a pretty level-headed person. being a supporter of the witches, the only thing that enrages him are necromancers and people who make deals with them.

"Hong said i need to practice more anatomy. it’s like nothing i draw is good enough because he always has something to pick at. it’s hurtful and this will affect me a lot. people cannot improve without encouragement."

the fresh grad was drawing kawaii animu girls and his laptop had Black Rock Shooter and MLP stickers. 22 yr old weaboo complained to me about the senior artist during lunch. i’ve made many great friends with interns when i worked in advertising, but now we’re stuck with the love-child of ebola and cancer.

when he opens his mouth, future Nobel prize winners die.