our little character design project got derailed when we had to rush out work so i’m trying to finish colouring and detailing on all my designs. i can’t wait to get this done so i can work on my commissions and comics.

i can’t take anything seriously all my tundra butchers are actually babies.

life updates: in the morning i woke up to the sound of glass shattering. my cat Kuchen broke my latte milk frother. amazing. the first time i bring him back home and take my ventolin, and he does this. he dragged my sneakers to me as i swept up the glass of my 1 yr old friend. while at the shelter i considered adopting another cat to destroy Kuchen.

then i went with my friends to go shopping, i didn’t get my milk frother *insert wall punch here* but it’s ok. Andrew saw the newly imported Hot Pockets™ at the frozen food store. two foreigners stared at him, i hope they reconsider being expats in Malaysia.

i want my milk frother back. the froth on my latte soothes my inner rage in the mornings. 

in july i lost my phone and both my computers broke down, some people actually donated to my paypal and i just stared at my email because i never ask for donations ever. after i got everything fixed i emailed them and offered to sketch them stuff. most were writers and non-artists so i helped them visualize their OCs. i have quite a few to finish but idc because it’s my moral code to repay people when they help me.

first pic is Tyler Gregon, the second is Miasha. they were hella fun to design and great for drawing practice. the best part is hearing every character’s backstory and looking for clothing refs that suit their lifestyles (i need to practice drawing clothes anyway cos i dress like a hobooo).


Boats Harbored in the Mist, Ashley River, Charleston, SC

© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

that bottom portion was a thumbnail for work but i recycled it for comix (i’m trash). my co-workers asked me about Omega Control so i explained with bad sketchbook doodles and jazz hands. i’ve always imagined this scene playing out when i’m on a MUSE music binge, this is 45% visualized. i’m gonna draw moar cityscapes and gain EXP.

this is one of the main events in my comic that caused a large portion of the paranormal population to emigrate to nearby countries like Census and Zentrum. imagine a bunch of nerds showing up at your doorstep, they hold you hostage and they take turns discussing whether it’s ok to burn your house down, they all have to be in agreement. that’s what Omega Control does.


Signs without Signification - Jeff Brouws

thewarsmithsforge said: This was a good laugh. C: I am awful at charas, but who’s the chum holding the colas?

ahhh sorry for the late reply Mia, it’s been a busy week for me. the guy with the colas is Cleytus, he takes off his headgear during lunchtime. it’s a good thing he has the mask on most of the time because he looks like a junkie.

ever since tumbro gave me a headcanon i can only read his dialogue in a redneck accent these days.. *weeps*

i realized that i have the old files from my comms so i listed out my process for simple digital commissions. i usually work on commissions at night after work or on my off days. i also drink 20 cups of coffee. 

a 24-hour Dunkin Donuts opened like 2 miles away from my apartment and i walk there at night. it’s the greatest thing that happened to this hellhole of a town, what a time to be alive.

when i was on the train i got an urgent email from the animation artist. she asked me to help her change some details on one of the character models and i said ok since friday’s the studio’s day off anyway.


can you imagine my god damn face when i saw this in the psd file.


Lia u motherfucker…when i thought of this during grocery shopping i started laughing. i’ve been giggling like a shitlord since dinner.


the most beautiful picture of Ceter ever.


Rocket to nowhere


Moon Over The City

teripops said: All children are edible if you try hard enough, though. I looked up watermelon pin-up girl, I fail to see the similarity at all. Ceter is MUCH prettier.

teri, desertbro. WHY would you even google watermelon pin-up girl… 
if Ceter’s in a better mood, he’ll bake you a cake.

haveyouseenmydearbrothersaid: I can’t tell if Cleytus is terrified, or on meth. Maybe both. If a unit stops functioning together (like if two members start getting into fistfights all the time or whatever), will Cognizant terminate them, or reassign them?

he’s also partly drunk but i think looking at the watermelon nest sobered him up. Omega Control will only reassign for levels 1-3 because those are the staff who get into disagreements most often, LV4 and LV5 personnel are carefully selected and assigned according to background similarities, neural bond strength and skill sets so they’ll only get replaced if one somehow kills the other or if the LV4 personnel is killed from Overcross conditions. Carnaki has worked with three ex-Consortium staff because he has a knack for dealing with cray people, it’s no coincidence. if he knew the selection method he would complain to OC every day.

typical lunch hour at Cognizant. the entire thing is actually Carnaki’s fault but i’ll draw the prequel later. i can’t think straight because the senior artist said Ceter looks like a watermelon pin-up girl.

pahsmina said: AHHHH yes Stan is so great!! These are awesome my dear probo!

*HI-FIVES U SWEDISH STYLE* fuck yeah another Stan fan. thanks swedebro!