i think every first week in a new work environment requires at least one all-nighter. maybe it’s just a curse i have to live with.

i have been staying up in this chilly, stark white environment staring at code and UIs and my co-workers (now comrades) have been blasting Pendulum and Flobots all night/morning. Yung has been singing THE SHIFT IS COMING DOOOOOWWWN. i just got back from a presentation and it’s just 8.30am. what kind of client wakes up at 6am. what is their intention. are they ex-military people who wake up at the crack of dawn? it is a mystery. i can’t sleep now, everything looks beautiful when i walk out of the client’s building. it’s like another planet, so cloudy and cold.

i’m gonna take a bus ride and drink 40 espressos. hell yeah.


» Janek Sedlar Photography

dyp100 said: Well now you just told us all the ulimate way to prank you, ahahaha

aw, i don’t think that’ll work. i’ve gotten some fake limbs before and waved them around in the dark to see how it’ll look like if they’re real, i think about this stuff all the time for physical shadows (character development lmfao). i’ll get a jolt but it’s not fear, paranormal stuff fascinates me. if we’re talking about real fear, that would be that time i saw a cockroach right outside my door when it crawled from the neighbours’ gross kitchen upstairs. i couldn’t move. i’m terrified of roaches so there’s your prank idea, don’t do it pls. 

teripops said: Mostly home invaders are where I let my mind wander. But that’s because the thought of them terrifies me. That and they’re probably more likely in Amurrikah. Them and mild ghosts. Dunno about crazy 

exactly. a chinese proverb states that man is more fearful than ghosts, that’s why i don’t fear those things because they deal no physical damage. i do acknowledge that there are natural spirits and some rules (especially in the jungle) must be respected. i’m more paranoid about an intruder climbing in from the window with a knife. sometimes drunk people wander the floors and bang on the doors at 3-4am, which is annoying because i’m awake at those times. the reason why i don’t have landed property is because of what you’ve just described. 

my buddy Andrew is about to get an apartment so he asked how it’s like to live alone.

"you get to wake up anytime, watch all the shows you want, you can play dubstep all day and nobody bothers you except for the weird neighbours"

"when you reach home you get to wonder if there’s something there while you were away and at night before you sleep, you can visualize entities that may or may not exist, in my mind they’re usually an erratic cluster of hands from the ceiling."

"thanks fucker, i’m going to ask Calvin to be my housemate now"

haveyouseenmydearbrothersaid: We can trade weather. It’s been really sunny during the day here but at night we have some beautiful lightning storms.

but malaysia is just arizona lite with more water. our weather game’s weak.

i will pray for rain by making a silver iodide summon circle for u, sobrina.

mamawile said: pasta siempre

i love u mama, i almost did a backflip outta my balcony when i read this jfc. 

*screenshots to keep in mama’s punny folder*

listening to creepypasta and eating… pasta.

rainy days are the best, but i need the sun so i can take pics of all the gift art tomorrow. i’ve been doing more trad art and i realized i got really rusty due to doing so much digital work. my workplace has figure-drawing fridays and that is so cool omg. hasta siempre advertising.

how sector 14 Ceter looked like before he was consumed by Grief status. despite Culver and Cleytus’ advice, he wanted to remain in that state in order to see the red thread which would lead the team to Carnaki’s killer. in the 14th dimension, Ceter isn’t a Consortium staff member; he wears a hat because he used to get teased for his naturally pink hair when he was young. Ceter’s entire avenging saga will bear this song's chorus because he's a bereaved emo unlike his bitchy 4th dimension self.


帰宅して門を開けようとすると、お出迎えわんこ. 鼻だけ外に…。
「待ってた わん〜!」

When I came back home ,I found only my dog’s nose was out of the gate. He was looking forward my return.


starfish succulent

Audience: *cheers*
Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!

haveyouseenmydearbrother said: Oh man I love that 41-Carnaki’s hideous SENSE OF ~SWAG~ is still around. At least I assume that’s Carnaki.

yes sobrina ur right it’s gangpa. no matter what form he’s in, the ~SWAG~ prevails as a constant force. the star shades manifest throughout all dimensions, sector 41 Carnaki hides it in his ‘heart’.

one of my bad habits is goofing off with OOC doodles when i’m preparing a sketch for painting. my irl friends are always disappointed at my lack of seriousness when dealing with doom n gloom OCs. i believe in fun.

sector 41 staff look like they’re out to destroy everything but they’re actually just huge nerds who OD on Epsilon.