Science Fiction Meets Reality: Interactive Transparent LCD Computing

Your current world is about to look incredibly outdated when you see this video.

What do you get when you combine MIT and Microsoft? You get something truly ingenious.  

I can already see the direction that the future is going to go in when seeing this video. 

MIT student Jinha Lee designed a prototype as an intern in the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group which allows a user to physically interact with the objects on a transparent screen. Moving windows forward and backward with your fingers, cameras sense where the users hands are and allows for a true 3D interaction with the content on (or is that “in”) the screen. Linking the pixellated world and that of humans is something that has been dreamed up many times before — with movies like Tron taking the concept as far as it could — to a whole digital world beyond the physical.

The display is transparent, and it recognizes where your hands are in space. Then the display overlays a space that lets you adjust it with your hands. So you ‘virtually’ grab things, rotate them, and so forth. Furthermore, the space itself moves so it replicates what it would look like in real life when looking around objects. 

Just watch, it will make more sense. 

Top youtube comment: 

And they say Apple is innovative

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i knew this day would come. fuckyeah grids and shit.

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