these are all sketches i made like 2 months ago.. i lost the ability to draw when THE CANNES LIONS ATTACKED. but i just got over that hurdle, viva la revolucion. 

i drew a shitton of Guadalajara Rosencrats. the top pic is a unit of hitmen lead by Mimosa (center), her underlings are Tiaa and Halada. they kill rival gangs and steal their plants.

the leaders in Mexico are the siblings Crialuc and Trufaluc who have their own bodyguards: Katrina is a gifted Rosenritter summoner, Guillarme is the point man who wants everyone to know how great France is. Tersé is deaf and refuses to get corrective surgery, he has several other issues. ALSO TEVEZ, who’s not part of any group. he’s a good weapons dealer for them though. sometimes they pay him with corpses to feed his summons.

  1. roddaxios said: LOOK AT THE CUTIES
  2. notgunn said: Man, these guys gonna slap people with ze French breads. Awesome Rosencrati.
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  5. fuqdapoleez said: FRENCH THUG LIFE I ACTUALLY DIED. What a bunch of bitches, i love all of them and their faces— Guillarme put your sass hands away.
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