pokemon Y adventure doodles compiled since november. i saw other pokemon blogs and i was like ohman that’s so cool but i can’t update often, hahaaa. as you all know, i suck at naming things so i was stuck for 15 minutes when i started the game. i was also doing my chem assignments so i was like I’LL JUST MAKE A SCIENTIST BUT NOT A BLOND ONE COS I HAVE TOO MANY. 

Faraday is one of the many nooblet nerds under Professor Elm’s supervision. he volunteers at the pokecenter too so he can get a better understanding of pokemon. Elm sent him to help Professor Sycamore on the research of Mega Evolution, his other task is to capture a Honedge and monitor it’s remarkable abilities when it evolved into Aegislash. Faraday isn’t really a big fan of pokemon evolution… like most of his friends in the Johto labs, he’s more interested in abilities and pokemon breeding/raising but he cannot fail his mentor so he embarked on a FABULOUS JOURNEY or he’ll fail his course. he’ll punch you if you talk shit about his Azurill, it’s 5IV’d and round ok, JOHTO PRIDE.

you have no idea how hard it is to play a game according to character development, all my friends are doing this so we documented and discussed stuff at coffee shops. Faraday wanted to keep the Master Ball as a present for Professor Elm, so he caught the legendaries with pokeballs and premier balls, i’m kicking myself for that idea. also i just looked at the pokedex and HOLY SHIT KLEFKI IS TINY I’M GONNA SOMERSAULT OUT OF MY APARTMENT.

  1. gup-personal said: *ROTOM BUMP FIST* i was so goddamn happy because i randomly recieved one through the wonder trade and it’s hands down the best thing i’ve ever gotten out of WT
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